The Road to Zero-Waste Kitchen Cleaning

  • 3 min read

What does Zero-waste mean?

It means zero waste gets sent to the landfill, incinerators or the ocean and that products are designed to be refilled and reused. While a zero-waste life sounds like a tall order, don't let that discourage you. We believe there is a long way to go before absolutely "zero waste" gets generated, we couldn't be more thrilled for the refill revolution to become more mainstream. 

Refilling existing packaging will massively prevent any type of single-use waste, plastic or otherwise. It will also lower carbon footprint in the long run as it cuts down enormously on carbon emissions from packaging production as well as transportation of finished products. To put it in context, producing one pound of PET plastic that your typical water bottle is made of, produces 3 pounds of carbon dioxide. 

Is a Zero-Waste Lifestyle Possible? 

It is not easy but we certainly believe it is worth aspiring to by cutting down on single-use waste, plastic or otherwise. Here are our favourite hassle-free, single-use plastic-free swaps to get you started on a zero-waste journey. 

Zero-waste Kitchen Sponges 

Plastic-free kitchen cleaning zero-waste compostable sponge

Ditch that plastic sponge. Your typical cleaning sponge contains millions of bacteria, and that is not all good bacteria. Your everyday kitchen and bathroom sponges are made from 100% oil-based plastic and are neither recyclable nor compostable. They have a short lifecycle as they get used for a few weeks before getting banished to the landfill forever. Not to mention, most sponges contain toxic chemicals and are breeding grounds for disease-causing bacteria. 

-> Switch to Ecovibe compostable sponges made from 100% renewable, plant-based sources. Not only are these made sustainably, but they are also shipped plastic-free. Double hooray!

Plastic-free Kitchen Brushes and Scourers 

Plastic-free cleaning zero-waste kitchen dish brush bamboo and coconut ecococonut

Ditch the plastic dishwashing brush. Just like your plastic toothbrushes, every single dish washing up brush you have ever used in your life, still lives on somewhere in the planet. 

-> Switch to EcoCoconut Scourers and wooden kitchen cleaning brushes. They source their wooden handles from FSc (Forest Stewardship Council) certified trees. They use sustainably farmed coconut husks for the bristles. Shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging, these are safe for most pots and pans, including non-stick ones! These multipurpose kitchen brushes are the real deal. We are never looking back.  

Reusable Plastic-Free Cleaning Cloths 

Ditch that magic microfibre cleaning cloth. Microfibre = 100% plastic which is fossil fuel-powered. Each time you give your microfibre cloth a whirl in the washing machine, it releases 1000's of teeny weeny microplastics that pollute our waterways and oceans. Once they are out in the free world, there is no way to get rid of them. 

-> Switch to Maistic Plastic Free Cleaning Cloths from our favourite eco-store Boobalou. These plastic-free cloths are certified compostable, made from wood fibre and contain absolutely zero microfibres. If you take good care of it as directed, it can last you a long time. 

Spruce cleaning products 

Spruce refillable cleaning products with plastic free refills for multipurpose kitchen cleaner bathroom toilet cleaner

And now a not-so-shameless plug: get ready for single-use plastic-free cleaning. At Spruce, we are proud of our innovative cleaning products that cut down on plastic waste significantly. Our refillable bottles can be reused over 100's of cleanings. Our aluminium bottles are sturdy, won't break or leach. Our concentrated refill packs are 100% home and industrial compostable, which will return to biomass within weeks, without harming the planet. Try our Multipurpose Cleaner to clean grease and grime from the kitchen and general home surfaces.