Spruce Wins Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Award

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You know that feeling when you've diligently been working on creating some greatness and then the most prestigious institution recognises it as the best thing ever?


Yes, that's exactly how we feel.

We've won the award for the "Best Eco-friendly Cleaning Product"in Marie Claire's first ever Sustainability awards.  

For more than thirty years, Marie Claire has championed sustainability through the lens of people, planet and regeneration. Marie Claire is in the vanguard of women’s brands that champion ethical and environmental issues ranging from global warming to ethical fashion to gender equality. It's an honour to have been crowned winner and also invited to deliver a winner's acceptance speech in the Home category. As a young challenger brand, we are thrilled to have won alongside gamechangers such as Birdsong, Wolf & Badger, Fairmont Hotels, Fiat Motors, All Plants, Ren Skincare, Deciem and many more category changers that are defining a more sustainable future. 

We were over the moon to have Jessie Macneil-Brown, IKEA's Head of Retail Campaigns present the award to us. IKEA has been a major source of inspiration for us, with its move towards a more circular economy and recognising the plastic pollution issue. Thanks Jessie, for loving our work.

Marie Claire says: 

"Recognising that sustainability starts at home, the trailblazing winners in the Homes category of the Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards are helping to make those crucial decisions infinitely easier – from delivering clever eco-friendly clothes washing options, to the next generation of sustainable cleaning products."

Praising the brand’s work towards a B Corp certification, Sustainability Awards judge Jessie Macneil-Brown says: “What a great story behind the products, and I love the careful consideration of using aluminium packaging. Great to see the team aiming for B Corp certification which is a great sign of sustainability credentials – this certification is not easy to achieve.”


Spruce Best Eco-friendly Cleaning Product UK


Here's why Marie Claire has picked us as winners. 


Sustainability is all about convenience. Our overly-busy, convenience-led and on-the-go lifestyle is what gave rise to the monstrosity that is plastic pollution and climate change. We always aspired to make it convenient and hassle-free for everyone to adopt a sustainable solution. We spent months perfecting our formulations, packaging, suppliers, partners and everything in our eco-system so people have an easier time adopting the sustainable solution.

Eco-friendly doesn't have to be boring, sub-par performance or inconvenient. By delivering our refills through the letterbox as and when customers need it, we've made it truly hassle-free. Did you notice our products also come without complex "how-to" guides or a manual? That's because we've made it's as simple as adding sugar to your coffee. 


Refillable and plastic-free cleaning 

Our eternity bottles are made from lightweight and long-lasting aluminium that you can refill an infinitely. As well as being the most recycled material in the world, aluminium is also durable and doesn't require excessive secondary packaging. This allows us to reduce our carbon emissions throughout its journey. 

Our refills are also made from 100% plastic-free and home compostable packaging, you can dispose the off with your food waste! This is important, as majority of compostable and biodegradable packaging is only industrial compostable, meaning if they don't end up in the right bin, they are just as bad as plastic polluting the planet for hundreds of years. Our paper-based refill packs will decompose into fertile matter for your plants in a matter of weeks. 


spruce eco-friendly cleaning bathroom refill sachet


Non-toxic cleaning 

Making cleaning - and your home - a safe space is sooooo important to us. Supermarket aisles are flooded with products that are stuffed with toxic chemicals to the brim, including bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, pesticides, optical brighteners and synthetic fragrance with a massive load of greenwashing, we refuse to use any ingredients that are harmful to our health and the health of the planet. We're sooo against the idea of synthetic fragrance, which is essentially a little cocktail of over a hundred toxic, endocrine disrupting chemicals, that we have vowed to only use a small amount of pure essential oils or no fragrance at all. 

Here's a list of what you won't find in Spruce:



spruce eco-friendly cleaning refillable bottle



A far cry from typical headache inducing, cough causing cleaning products, ours smell yummy. Customers call it "the Jo Malone of cleaning". We refuse to use synthetic fragrance in our products and only use 100% organic essential oils that primarily play a functionality purpose. You don't need to use room sprays to mask the toxic smells of cleaning products anymore. In fact, our customers are using our products as room sprays! 


spruce refillable cleaning multipurpose spray


We're going to head back to celebration mode now, but are you ready to try THE Best Eco-friendly Cleaning product? 



spruce best eco-friendly cleaning product uk
Written by Sofya Zakharova