Our Story

We're rethinking home and personal care products so you can make the ethical choice without compromising on convenience, effectiveness or aesthetics. We started Spruce to challenge established consumer products that have not seen much innovation in years. 

For decades, we have been cleaning our homes with toxic chemicals without realising they do more harm than good. Companies have been greenwashing consumers by selling single-use plastic bottles filled with 90% water content, topped with toxic chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances while marketing these as the green and eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Our goal is to put an end to single-use plastics and toxic chemicals from everyday products, and make it convenient for you to adopt the low-waste option. We have been working diligently on perfecting our formulation and packaging to bring you high quality products that are kind to you and the planet. All our packaging is carefully designed for convenience and with minimal impact to the planet. 

We hope you will join us on the journey to end single-use plastic pollution and have a positive impact on our planet. 

We also remove 1kg of ocean-bound plastic waste for each order (that's 25 plastic bottles).

Happy Sprucing.

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