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  • Are your cleaning sprays antibacterial? We do not use harsh chemical-based antibacterial agents – essentially pesticides – because research shows that whilst these claim to kill 99.99% of bacteria, this bacteria can simply recolonise and repopulate from a single cell just 20-minutes later. The harsh ingredients in these products contribute to health problems like hormonal imbalances and asthma, and cause more harm to your health rather than keeping you safe. Instead, we carefully select natural and plant-based surfactants for an effective yet safer clean.

    Are your natural cleaning sprays effective? We have thoroughly tested our eco cleaning sprays against mainstream alternatives to ensure they achieve the same effective clean, but with much safer ingredients. Despite being 100% non-toxic, our cleaning spray set is able tackle mess just as efficiently as mainstream brands, leaving your surfaces sparkling and home free of nasties.

    How long does one cleaning spray refill last? Most customers get through one refill (a full bottle of cleaning spray) every 2 months.

    What surfaces can I use your cleaning sprays on? Our multipurpose cleaning spray is designed to remove grease and grime from wood, stone, tile and most sealed surfaces. Our bathroom cleaning spray has been perfected to remove limescale, soap scum, and watermarks from tubs, tiles, ceramic, stainless steel and porcelain. And our glass and mirror cleaning spray will achieve a streak-free shine on glass, mirrors, stainless steel and other shiny surfaces. Spray, let stand for a few seconds, wipe away with a clean dry cloth.