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I have a confession to make…

I am obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them in the shower, while I’m cleaning my house, while I’m cooking. The list goes on. Sometimes I’m not sure if I even know what silence sounds like anymore.

And honestly, who can blame me. We have a mountain of choice nowadays when it comes to entertainment. But my favourite podcasts are the ones that inspire me to live more sustainably and consciously.

So from my hundreds of hours of excessive listening, I’ve narrowed down a list of the best sustainability podcasts for you guys to save you from searching. Let’s go!


Best for:  Shame Free Sustainability 

Recommended Episode: Episode 11 - How and why to recycle LESS

Typical Episode Length:  Various, anywhere from 10 mins to one hour

Sustainable(ish) is an eco anxiety free zone. And I love it. Jen Gale, author and host of Sustainable(ish) makes going green simple in this shame-free sustainability podcast. Her tips are ideal for parents and busy families who want to make conscious changes without all the added hassle. With different guests each time, the emphasis on not having to be perfect is so refreshing. As we always say at Spruce, progress, not perfection. With Jen’s infectious upbeat energy, you come away learning useful tips without feeling overwhelmed or patronised.

2. OUTRAGE AND OPTIMISM outrage and optimism podcast

Best for:  News, Politics & Influential Guests

Recommended Episode: Episode 130 - Opening Hearts with Elizabeth Wathuti

Typical Episode Length:  Various, but usually around an hour.

This is a great one for those who are already clued up on environmentalism and climate change, but are looking to dive a little deeper. The hosts beautifully balance the excruciatingly urgent need for change with a sense of optimism and hope. Often going beyond the news headlines and looking at what has the propensity for real change. Host Christiana Figueres actually worked on the famous Paris Agreement, and her co-hosts Paul Dickinson and Tom Rivett-Carnac are influential voices on Climate Change.  Plus, with guests like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, you can sit back assured that you’re absorbing information from the best of the best.


3. SUSTAINABABBLE sustainabble podcast listen

Best for:  Humour 

Recommended Episode: Episode 227: Circular Economy 

Typical Episode Length:  40 mins

If you care about healing the planet but hate the eco-anxiety-inducing seriousness of environmental news, then this is the podcast for you. Hosts Oliver Hayes and David Powell cover a wide range of sustainability related topics in an easily digestible format. They strike a balance between frivolous humour and insightful understanding. What drew me to this podcast is that they don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to poke fun at the clichés that come with being an environmentalist. It’s not for those looking purely for education, but I think using comedy to get people (especially men) caring more about our planet is genius. 



Best for: Conscious living inspiration

Recommended Episode:  Self Care - A Slow Living Deep Dive 

Typical Episode Length:  30 - 60 mins 

Perfect for those looking to simplify their busy lives while doing good for the earth. Brooke and Ben McAlary (who are a husband and wife) give amazing tips on how to slow down and say no to things that just don’t serve you. A truly refreshing look at sustainable, anti-consumerist living where we can be in tune with our own needs and the needs of the planet. I always come away from listening to this podcast feeling inspired to spend time in nature, reconnect with what’s important, and be more mindful during life’s little moments of joy. 


5. WARDROBE CRISIS wardrobe crisis podcast

Best for: Sustainable Fashion (through an intersectional lens) 

Recommended Episode: How Eco Friendly Is Fashion Rental, Really?

Typical Episode Length:  45-60 mins

A captivating listen for anyone interested in the devastating impacts of fast fashion, and finding solutions through ethical production and a circular economy. It’s hosted by Clare Press, Vogue Australia’s first sustainability editor, and she brings on an incredibly diverse range of guests in all avenues of the fashion industry. As someone who loves fashion but wants to see the garment industry changed for the better, I can listen to this for hours on end. I promise, even if you’ve done your research on this topic, you will learn a lot and be entertained while doing so. 

So there you have it - 5 of the best sustainability podcasts available on the internet. And with hundreds of episodes for you to choose from, you’ll never be short on things to listen to while you’re commuting to work, or doing some spring cleaning.

If you are looking for more eco-friendly hacks and feel good news, make sure to sign up to our newsletter for weekly stress-free sustainability. Until then, happy listening!

Words by Eleni Evangelinos, Image by Soundtrap

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