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Spruce refillable cleaning products with plastic-free Kitchen cleaner refills
Spruce refillable cleaning products multipurpose kitchen kit

What's in your Starter Kit

What's *NOT* in your Starter Kit

spruce non-toxic cleaning products for clean air
spruce chemical-free cleaning products

We use ingredients that are safe for humans and the planet. We don't use harsh chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances or optical brighteners. Our products are also free from palm oil and petroleum. Finally, the air you breathe in your home can be free from cocktails of toxic chemicals that cause serious health problems.

 spruce cleaning products free from single-use plastics. Reusable bottles + plastic-free kitchen cleaner and bath tub shower cleaner sachets
spruce cleaning products no plastic waste

Do you sort and rinse your plastic waste before chucking it in the recycling bin? Guess what? Over ninety per cent of it never gets recycled. With our Eternity bottles, you'll never need to throw away another single-use cleaning bottle again. Win!

Spruce refillable kitchen cleaner and Spruce refillable bathroom cleaner ship without water content with low carbon footprint.

Pretty much all cleaning products contain ninety per cent water with a dose of toxic chemicals and a heavy load of greenwashing. We don't ship water. With Spruce, you reduce your carbon footprint by filling up the bottles from your tap at home! How about that?

No greenwashing in Spruce eco-friendly cleaning products and plastic-free kitchen cleaner refills. We don't claim to be zero-waste cleaning. Our refills are vegan, cruelty-free and chemical free cleaning. Say yes to environmentally friendly cleaning.
spruce refillable cleaning products no greenwashing

Them: slap a green leaf on a single-use plastic bottle and call it a day. Supermarket shelves are lined with brands exaggerating their green and eco-credentials.

Us: we're breaking the norm by standing up against greenwashing and actually doing the hard work. Eco is in our DNA.