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Our partnership with Plastic Bank

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Building a circular and regenerative business is a core priority for us. By refilling and reusing our Eternity bottles, you will prevent further plastic waste generation that would pollute our planet for centuries. To further fulfil our mission to rid the planet of plastic pollution, we have partnered with Plastic Bank to remove ocean-bound plastic waste. 

Who is Plastic Bank?

Plastic Bank is a social venture which aims to reduce ocean plastics whilst also improving the lives of those who collect it. By collecting plastic waste (social plastic) the amount of plastic in our oceans is reduced, but the way Plastic Bank works means it empowers and enables the collectors - a community that is grossly undervalued. 

What is Plastic Bank Social Plastic?

Plastic Bank works by using its network of 21,000+ collectors in developing countries to collect ocean-bound plastic from coastal regions. Waste collectors around the world often earn minimum wage while living and working under terrible conditions. Plastic Bank ensures its collectors receive a premium for the plastic they collect. This helps them provide basic necessities to their families such as groceries, school tuition and health insurance. The Plastic Bank social plastic, therefore, helps in social development and regeneration of high-poverty coastal communities in addition to preventing ocean plastic pollution. 

This plastic is then circulated back into the system and used in other products that use recycled plastic to prevent more virgin plastic from entering the ecosystem. Nonetheless, we recommend not opting for any single-use plastic packaging, recycled or virgin. 


How does Spruce work with Plastic Bank? 

For every starter cleaning kit you purchase, we remove ocean-bound plastic waste equivalent to twenty-five 500ml plastic bottles. Working with our partner Plastic Bank, we support plastic waste collection in high poverty coastal communities.

Why do we do this?

For decades, developed nations have been shipping their contaminated plastic waste to the developing world. They lack the infrastructure to manage their own plastic waste, resulting in more plastic pollution in the oceans and air pollution resulting from incineration.

Why 25 bottles?

That's the equivalent of the number of single-use plastic cleaning bottles a typical UK household might go through in a year. But by switching to Spruce plastic-free cleaning, you are eliminating your own plastic waste and helping collect more. 

Why did we choose Plastic Bank?

The program funds bonuses that go towards supporting the waste collectors and the infrastructure needed to recirculate the plastic back into the global supply system.  

What impact has Plastic Bank had so far?

The impact that Plastic Bank has had so far is amazing! To date, they have recovered ocean-bound plastics equivalent to: 


14,147,358 tonnes 


This translates to roughly: 

707,367,900 plastic bottles

1500000000 coffee cups 

500000000000 plastic straws

We’re thrilled to partner with Plastic Bank to tackle plastic pollution that empowers local communities across the globe! For more information about the project, and how it’s helping people and the planet.

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