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The Best Way to Clean Tile Floors

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If you’re looking for a no-nonsense guide for the best way to deep clean tile floors, you’re in luck. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or somewhere else in the house entirely, we’re going to break down step-by-step how to get them sparkling clean. 

How To Deep Clean Tile Floor

When looking at how to deep clean a tile floor, it’s important to know the type of tiles and tailor your maintenance accordingly.  For example, ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are relatively low maintenance, while coarse tiles such as slate, marble, granite, or limestone require individualized care to avoid scratching or discolouration.

A hazy film or build up of grout accumulating on your hole floors are a sure sign that you are in need of a deeper clean. We recommend dry cleaning by sweeping or vacuuming once a week and deep cleaning with a mop 1-2 times per month. 

how to deep clean a tile floor

Best Way To Clean Porcelain Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles

1. Sweep or vacuum 

Make sure you get into the corners, where dirt tends to pile up. A microfiber duster can work for picking up debris easily but gently. However, if your tiles have a lot of grooves and crevices it can be beneficial to go over with a vacuum too. 

2. Choose a Chemical-free Cleaner 

Choosing the right floor cleaner for your tiles is important, not just for a better clean, but also for the sake of your health. Floor cleaners filled with harsh chemicals bleach and ammonia are very damaging to breathe in and can cause you to inhale toxins

Spruce Floor Cleaner is an effective, yet natural option. It’s totally non-toxic and will leave your tile floors spotless with no streaks. And a big bonus - it’s plastic-free too which is far better for the planet. Simply dissolve one teaspoon in three litres of water (or adjust measurements down if using less water) and you are ready to go!

3. Mix your cleaner & Mop

We recommend using a microfiber mop rather than a sponge mop where possible. As the texture is less likely to leave behind streaks. 

Squeeze out the excess water and mop in a figure-of-eight pattern best results.

It’s also a good idea to keep a second bucket with fresh water handy, so if the mop gets dirty mid-clean, you can rinse it off to avoid spreading dirt around your floors. Then, you can dip back into the "clean" original bucket and carry on mopping. 

4. Buff and Dry with a Microfibre Cloth 

This last step is crucial to avoid leaving behind any water marks and pesky streaks. 

Cleaning Stone and Vinyl Tiles 

You must take extra care if your tiles are made from slate, granite, or marble. Stay away from using abrasive tools like metal brushes and coarse vacuum attachments. 

Also, harsh substances in traditional cleaners can especially damage the surface of these materials. It can discolour granite and etch into marble. So if you have these types of tiles, choosing a natural cleaner with a neutral PH level is even more imperative. 

For vinyl tiles, check out our blog on the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Floors

Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tiles Naturally

If you are feeling inspired to clean your bathroom floor tiles, or kitchen floor tiles naturally, try Spruce Eco Floor Cleaner. It will leave your floors spotless without any nasty chemicals or plastic waste. And the scent is positively dreamy!

cleaning bathroom tiles naturally

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