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Spruce Cleaning Products Coming to Kickstarter

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Spruce Cleaning Products Coming to Kickstarter

We have some exciting news for you. Spruce is soon launching on Kickstarter! If you haven’t come across a Kickstarter campaign before, don’t worry, we’re going to tell you all about what it is and what it means for us (and you!). Kickstarter is a platform where people like you can support innovative projects like ours - turning our idea of a single-use plastic-free home into a reality.

Here is a quick primer on Kickstarter terms: 


That’s you! Once you sign up for Kickstarter, you can become a ‘backer’ for Spruce. That means you can place a pre-order. Why backer? A backer is somebody like you who can get behind a brand’s ethos and support its mission. By becoming a ‘backer’ and early adopter, you show solidarity with our mission and help small businesses like Spruce come to life. You will receive regular updates on our progress and become our champions. We are on a mission to change the world and would rather embark on this journey with our community’s support. 


pledge is simply when you place a pre-order for our products. Once we reach our goal, we will kick-off the production run and deliver your order at the specified time. Note: unlike regular orders on an e-commerce store, Kickstarter products are produced once the goal amount has been reached and there is typically a (small) waiting period before your order is shipped. Rest assured, you will get glimpses into our BTS operation and progress towards your order getting shipped. 


A reward is typically a discounted offer, product bundles, and special gifts that are offered only during the duration of the campaign. Once the campaign is over, the price goes back to the original retail price. 

What do you get? 

As a Kickstarter backer, you will typically get access to highly discounted prices, the ability to become super supporters and champions of ground-breaking innovation and the first ones to make an impact. You will be the first to get your hands on our products and we will fulfil your order before making the product available for sale on any other platform. 

For every order of Spruce refillable cleaning products we will also remove and divert 1kg of ocean-bound plastic waste.

What do we get?

With our Kickstarter campaign, we want to bring you on board as brand champions and early supporters of our sustainable products. We will also get some extra cash (who doesn’t need some in this economy), to bring our products to life and fulfil your orders. 

Any further questions about Spruce and our Kickstarter? Shoot us an email and we will help you out the best that we can:

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