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Starter Kit Duo

  • Our home cleaning Starter Kit Duo bundle comes with both our multipurpose and bathroom kits.

    - MultipurposeUse on tiles, countertops, stone, wood and most sealed surfaces. Geranium scent.

    - BathroomUse on tubs, tiles, ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain surfaces. Eucalyptus scent. 

    What's included: 2 x Eternity aluminium bottles. 2 x concentration refills 


Simply refill your Spruce for life with tap water at home and prevent single-use plastic bottles from polluting the planet!

household cleaning
household cleaning


You'll get our multi-award winning Multipurpose & Bathroom Starter kits including:

- Two Eternity aluminium bottles. Reuse endlessly with our refills and tap water at home.

- Two plastic-free concentrated refills


Our home cleaning range is not just eco-friendly and single-use plastic free, we also make an extraordinary effort to only use safe ingredients. Formulated by expert scientists, our products are free from harsh chemicals, additives or enhancers that give you a false sense of security when it comes to cleaning. 

You deserve an honest clean.

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Not just pretty bottles! Our home cleaning kits brought home the trophy for the “Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brand” at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards. Spruce is loved for its elegance and efficacy. But don’t just listen to us, hear it from our customers…

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  • How do your revolutionary cleaners work?  Spruce is super easy to mix and use. No scientific experiments needed. Simply empty refill contents into your refillable Eternity bottle, fill with tap water slowly and get cleaning within minutes. No need to shake. Use only one refill pack per bottle.

    What type of water should I use? We recommend using room temperature tap water for best results.

    How long does a refill last? Each refill pack makes a full-sized bottle of 500ml cleaning spray. How long this lasts depends on the size of your home and how often you clean. Most of our customers get through using a full bottle of cleaner every 2 months.