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Glass & Mirror Cleaner Kit

  • Our naturally-fragranced Glass & Mirror Cleaner Kit will leave your windows, mirrors, and surfaces sparkling clean without any nasty chemicals.

    Use on glass, mirrors, stainless steel, and other shiny surfaces. What's included:

    - One Eternity Aluminium Bottle

    - One Plastic-Free Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill

    Organic Peppermint Essential Oil Scent

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  • Are your natural cleaning products effective? We have thoroughly tested our products against mainstream alternatives to ensure they achieve the same effective clean, but with much safer ingredients. Despite being 100% non-toxic, our glass & mirror cleaner is able tackle splatters and smudges just as efficiently as mainstream brands, leaving your mirrors and windows streak-free and your home free of nasties.

    Is your glass & mirror cleaner spray antibacterial? We do not use harsh chemical-based antibacterial agents because research shows that these are detrimental to our health. Learn more in our anti-bac blog.

    How long does one glass & mirror cleaner refill last? Most customers get through using a full bottle of glass & mirror cleaner every 2 months.

    What surfaces can I use your glass & mirror cleaner on? Our glass & mirror cleaner has been expertly designed to remove splatters, smudges and grime from glass, windows, mirrors and stainless steel. Spray, let stand for a few seconds, wipe away with a clean dry cloth.

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